The Sail Able Fleet

Martin 16 Sloop: Sophisticated Design

The Martin 16 is an advanced and sophisticated design. She was designed using the same AUTOSHIP Computer-Aided Design programs used for America’s Cup winners. The Martin 16 features design innovations that make her unique in her field:

  • Easily-driven, narrow, long hull for performance and control.
  • Dry and comfortable due to the high freeboard and forward helmseat with spray-deck and special spray-damping flange.
  • Stability is provided by a computer-designed lead ballast pod at the tip of a deep, high-performance lifting keel foil. The cockpit features an adjustable, ergonomically designed helm seat forward, with a second seat aft to accommodate a passenger, instructor or crew helmsman when sailing double-handed.
  • A unique “joystick” controls the responsive, transom-hung rudder. The joystick can be located in either the front seat or rear seat, when sailing double-handed.
  • Optimum control with minimum sheet load is obtained with “vang-sheeting” for both mainsail and boomed jib. The main sheet and jib sheet are led to a double cam cleat directly in front of the helmsperson.
  • Sail controls are led to consoles within easy reach of the helmsperson.
  • Unsinkable – designed with 1100 lbs. of foam flotation, the Martin 16 is unsinkable – even with the hull totally flooded!